Guy's own Folk ballads talk of journeys, seasons, of beginnings and endings woven into circles of growth and light, night and day. The musical arrangements trickle and flow like elements between thoughtful lyrics, beautifully phrased and sung. In this album of very personal songs, Guy has called upon a hand-picked group of talented musicians to add a rich third dimension to his own highly original and accomplished compositions connecting back to his origins in Folk, one of the families of roots music that links him to the heart of Reggae, Latin Jazz and Blues for which as an instrumentalist he is more widely known.

“Somewhere You Can Go” is Guy’s first musical offering on the Digitdoc Records label. Recorded and mixed with Jim Barr at J & J Studios, Bristol and co-produced with Chris Logan, the album features the praiseworthy talents of Gina Griffin on violin, Kesty Morrison’s backing vocals, Beth Porter on cello, Joe Allen on double bass, Henry Martin on harmonica and Kit Hawes on lead guitar.